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December 2024
San Francisco

Who we are

American Society for Artificial Intelligence (ASFAI) is a private & prestigious club that brings together prominent leaders & executives.

Our mission is to make the world a better place with AI. We achieve this by bringing together the top minds in AI twice per year in a private and collaborative gathering. These summits foster dialogue-rich discussions in an intimate, off-the-record, and collaborative experience to connect and create positive impact.

Membership is reserved for established leaders and executives, C-Suite and Senior-level, and includes a robust vetting process and with Board approval. Members are of diverse backgrounds and industries; including pioneers in AI, entrepreneurs, executives, technologists, philanthropists, authors, investors, lawyers, policymakers, researchers, computer scientists, engineers, doctors, and professors.

Our organization, a 501(c)(4) non-profit, exists only to host these two special summits each year, which take place at an undisclosed location available only to members.

Our Friends & Sponsors

Thank you for joining us to support the Society's mission to
create a better world with AI

Have a question?

• Only members can attend the gatherings
• Membership is by invitation only
• We do not share membership information
• Members cannot disclose the names of other members
• The gathering location is provided only to members
• No recordings are permitted during the gatherings
• We kindly decline requests from media/press

If you have another question, please contact a board member